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The secret sister my father kept hidden

The Guardian Family Section 24 May 2014

It was 1967, the summer of love, and I was going to get married. But I needed my father, Leonard, to give permission because I was under 21. I hadn’t seen him since I was four, when he left my mother, Joyce, and disappeared from my life. I knew he was living in Australia with his…
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House of Fiction adapted as a BBC Radio Play starring Miriam Margolyes

We are delighted to announce that Sue Swingler’s The House of Fiction has been dramatised by Sara Davies for BBC Radio. The play was aired on June 4 at 2:15pm and starred a wonderful cast: Miriam Margolyes as Elizabeth Jolley Juliet Aubrey as Joyce Jolley Nicholas Farrell as Leonard Jolley Isabella D’Alessandro as the Young Susan Jacqueline…
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