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Australian Book Review

Francesca Rendle-Short

When it was first published in Australia in 2012 “The House of Fiction” attracted many reviews and a host of radio interviews – it was the shock of the revelations about an Australian literary icon that provided the hook. This review by academic and author, Francesca Rendle-Short in a literary magazine was one of the…
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The ‘Spectator’ reviews The House of Fiction

an intriguing story of an Australian literary icon’s bizarre hoax, and her stepdaughter’s attempt to comprehend it.

There aren’t many places you can get shouty about Proust without losing your job. The Lane Bookshop in Perth, Western Australia, is one of them. As an undergraduate, I’d pitch up there for work on Saturday mornings with as much song in the heart as a hangover allowed. Because for me the Lane wasn’t just…
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House of Fiction a “moving and captivating memoir”

Sunday Herald (Glasgow) Review

A short but very nice review of the UK edition of House of Fiction from Glasgow’s Sunday Herald on Sunday, 3rd May 2014: Perhaps fiction writers are best placed to create fictions out of their own worlds, but as Susan Swingler’s moving and captivating memoir shows, the damage wreaked can be huge. When her father,…
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Stephanie Dowrick reads Swingler’s The House of Fiction

Universal Hearts book review

Delighted to have The House of Fiction reviewed by Stephanie Dowrick of the Universal Heart Book Club blog. Stephanie writes: “Susan Swingler is an acute, highly intelligent writer. It’s remarkable that this is only her first book because she handles this complex material with a deceptive ease. This gift to her readers (you truly can’t…
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House of Fiction: Clare Calvet’s Book of the Week

ABC Australia Book of the Week

House of Fiction was chosen as Clare Calvet’s Book of the Week on ABC Radio during the Sydney Writer’s Festival. Here’s an extract from Clare’s review and you can read the full text on the ABC website. – Susan Swingler is an English archivist, researcher and photographer. ‘The House of Fiction’ is her first book. As the…
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Truth, lies and family secrets

The Sydney Morning Herald book review

Elizabeth Jolley was a tricky customer. Whenever I interviewed her on the publication of a new book, she posed as an eccentric, bird-like, rather scatty elderly lady, with singular dress sense (she was fond of cheesecloth and cardigans and always seemed to wear sandals on her large feet) and she had a tendency to avoid…
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